A new home brought my family many health issues, but doctors couldn’t find any physical reason for it.
After moving into a new home my family began to notice many health issues cropping up such as frequent illness, headache, fatigue, coughing and sneezing when in the home. These symptoms continued to get worse over the course of 2 years and came to a head when our 3-year-old daughter lost most her speech and was having seizure-like episodes. The doctors could not find any physical reason for these issues and suggested that it may be caused by environmental toxins, particularly mold. We contacted PharmaSource Int’l for help. Upon testing we learned that we indeed had a mold problem. We replaced all of our flooring with tile and had our home treated for mold. We also treated each member of the family for mold exposure as recommended by PharmaSource, Int’l. We noticed a world of difference in our family’s health immediately. The best news is our daughter regained her speech very quickly and has never again had another seizure like episode! She is thriving and we are forever grateful for the help that we received from PharmaSource Int’l. The staff at PharmaSource Int’l was incredible every step of the way. Their staff is so knowledgeable and helpful and their products are not only effective but are completely safe and non-toxic. It is evident that PharmaSource Int’l truly values it’s customers. We were treated with the genuine care and concern. They made our problem their problem…and it has made all the difference for our family and one very special little girl! Blessings,

Healthy CitriSafe Client

(PharmaSource Int’l is now CitriSafe)


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