Following a Major Remediation Effort,  Maintaining a Healthy, Mold-Free Home is Essential

Regular or Periodic Mold Testing Helps to Maintain a Healthy Home after Remediation

Immunolytics Custom Mold Test Kits

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Perform Regular Home Maintenance with CitriSafe’s Botanical Based, Non-Toxic Mold Solutions



CitriSafe Mold Solution Concentrate

CitriSafe Laundry Liquid Detergent

CitriSafe Air Purification Candle

CitriSafe Shampoo and Body Wash 



 DIY Maintenance Solutions to Reach Every Surface in Your Home and Reduce Fungal Air Load   



Bio-Balance Deluxe Package

Suggested Application Spotlight

Lower Fungal Air counts

Capitalize on Fogging Efforts by Flushing Your HVAC System and Ductwork by Following These Simple 3 Steps


Step 1: Remove Air Filter

Step 2: Fog the HVAC System at Air Intake Vent

Step 3: Replace Air Filter