Healthy Home Mold Survey

Once mold testing has been completed and it is determined that your home does indeed show a high level of mold or the existence of a particular type of mold, it’s time to move on to mold removal. However, before you can begin to effectively embark on mold removal you first need to know the reasons that it has been able to grow.

CitriSafe’s Healthy Home Survey is used by mold experts to help determine why an environment is contaminated, what areas are contaminated, and what steps need to be taken to prevent recontamination. once mold removal has been successful. CitriSafe makes it available to you to help you understand how to evaluate the overall health of your home.

At CitriSafe, we believe in the power of knowledge when it comes to protecting our own health. If you have struggled with ongoing illnesses that only return despite your use of medications, it may be time to consider that there may be something else causing these physical symptoms. Exposure to mold and other toxins can trigger inflammation in those who are susceptible; and inflammation, as we now know, is at the root of everything from migraines and sinusitis to arthritis, heart disease, and even cancer.

What we now know is that armed with information and a road map for discovery and mold and mildew removal from our buildings and our bodies, we can walk step by step down the path towards good health.

Testing and our Healthy Home Survey allows us to take action and effectively take back control of our bodies and our health. Most importantly, it allows us to seek out answers for some of the questions that have plagued us for years – why do I keep getting these awful headaches? Why do I get back-to-back sinus infections throughout the year? Why, even though I am an athlete who takes great care of my body, am I always so sick? Mold may very well be your answer. Now there are steps to take to not only eradicate mold from your home and from your body but to live a life free from its potential hazards.