Improve Your Home

At CitriSafe, we provide a step-by-step process for improving your home and making it a place in which your health is always supported. Mold can dramatically impact physical health; without diagnosing the problem, engaging in mold removal and natural bio-balancing of your home, you are only leaving yourself and your family vulnerable to continued illness. Our steps are simple for improving your home and taking control of the environmental factors that can cause illness.

1. Mold testing is first important for determining if you do indeed have mold in your home. Testing will not only tell you if mold exists, it will tell you what kind of mold is your home and the levels of that mold.

2. Participate in the Healthy Home Survey which can help you determine where the mold resides in the home and what is allowing it to grow. The Healthy Home Survey helps you focus on changes you can make to keep your home safe once mold and mildew removal has been effective.  Mold can cause a host of physical problems and we are only just now fully understanding the connection between exposure to bio-toxins – the resulting inflammation – and a litany of conditions that include everything from chronic sinusitis and migraines to arthritis and even cancer.

By taking the steps to rid mold and other contaminants from your home you are one step further in creating a space in which your health is not compromised and, in fact, is supported fully. CitriSafe is invested in long term care for homes and bodies; of ensuring that you get the answers you seek in terms of what could potentially be making you sick every day.

By following our processes you can do all that you can to remove mold from your home and put methods in place by which you will continue to protect yourself from mold and bio-toxins well into the future. Start the process of improving your home today.