Mold Screening Test

Perhaps some of what you read has made you wonder if you have mold in your home, office or car. Maybe you have struggled for years with chronic illnesses that always seem to come back even after you’ve had medical treatment. Or maybe you’re simply one of the millions of people just learning about the connection between mold contamination and the many illnesses that plague society today and you want to learn all you can about what to look for and the potential dangers of mold, mildew and bio-toxins. The only way to find out if you have a mold problem and to determine if a mold removal protocol will work for you is to start with a mold screening test.

At CitriSafe, we offer a number of options for mold testing:

  1. Mold Test Kit – You can purchase a gravity plate mold screening test that you can set out yourself. You then send the samples to ImmunoLytics Laboratory where the sample is analyzed for mold type and count. The results are sent to you in a full-color report. It is recommended that testing done on buildings up to 3,000 square feet should include the use of at least 4 test plates with an additional plate set out for each additional 1,000 feet. It is also recommended that testing be conducted on carpeting, bed linens, car(s) and pet(s).
  2. CitriSafe Testing (limited areas) – For those who would prefer that we handle the mold testing in their home, our experts will travel to you and conduct a comprehensive mold testing.  Fee for this service is $145 plus lab fees.
  3. Healthy Home Survey – Our Healthy Home Survey is used by mold experts to help determine why an environment is contaminated, what areas are contaminated, and what steps need to be taken to prevent recontamination once mold removal has been successful. CitriSafe makes it available to you to help you understand how to evaluate the overall health of your home.

Knowledge is power; the only way to know if you should move forward with mold and mildew removal is to conduct testing to ensure its existence. Armed with this information, you can move on to make the best decisions for your health and the health of your family.