CitriSafe Instructions and Protocols

Our natural mold and mildew removal products and protocols can change the way that you live your life; putting the power of healthy living in your hands. While we have always had the ability to directly impact our health through diet and exercise – choosing a healthy lifestyle and making a decision to be consistent in our efforts – it has always seemed as though there was little that we could do about the factors we seemingly could not control. Our air was making us sick, the mold in the walls of our home and office trapping us in a never-ending cycle of illness, and the chemicals that we exposed ourselves to everyday – as a matter of course – were causing physical repercussions. What could we do? Short of sealing ourselves away in a bubble, how could we effectively limit our exposure to what seemed to be all around us at any given time?

CitriSafe offers a solution – the solution – for cleaning and balancing your environment – from mold removal processes through the maintenance procedures that will ensure that your home, office, car, school or any space in which you spend time, will remain clean and more effectively able to support your good health.

Imagine the energy that your body expends fighting off what it perceives to be a threat. This is the body’s immune response when it senses an “invasion.” If your body is busy fighting off contaminants or battling the illnesses that arise as a result of exposure to those contaminants, what is left for you? For the work you are doing? The family you are raising? The classes you are attending?

CitriSafe puts you in control of your environment so that your environment doesn’t wind up controlling you. We offer an extensive selection of products effective for each situation, as well as step-by-step instructions for using those products day-to-day; course-correcting your daily schedule to include healthy changes that will allow you to live and work in a healthy, clean environment so that you never again have to worry that what you can’t see is hurting you.

All of our protocols and documents are available below in .pdf format. If you need to download Adobe Reader, please visit