Bio-Balancing Treatment

When we get sick, we are accustomed to being able to go for medical treatment to manage symptoms. If treatment is successful we move on – free and clear from the afflictions that ailed us. However, when it comes to environmentally triggered sickness, getting proper medical treatment is only half the battle. Without addressing the environment itself through comprehensive mold clean up and natural bio-balancing, any illness that you treat will only come back in time if its origins still exist in your home, office, etc.  Our goal is always long-term effectiveness through a combination of medical care and environmental bio-balancing.

If the objective was simply mold and mildew removal we would simply turn to any of the bevy of mold removal products on the market. The problem with this, however, is that most of these products are chemical based and, while they can eradicate mold they replace it with chemical contamination that can further infect our home and our bodies.

At CitriSafe, we carry many natural, botanically-based products that are used for mold removal. Since mold can be one of the causes of chemical sensitivity, our products were specifically developed to allow mold removal in a safe, reliable manner without fear of a reaction.

You wouldn’t hesitate to pursue treatment for your physical health. When we’re sick, we go to the doctor without much thought about it. The same level of attention must be paid to the spaces that we occupy to have any opportunity for long term health. With Bio-Balancing Botanical Treatment you can thoroughly clean and balance your home; providing a healthy foundation in which to live your life – an environment that supports a strong immune system and long term health.