Cleaning and Maintenance Products

At CitriSafe, we encourage people to take the steps necessary to remove mold from their homes, offices, cars, and more; to take back the power of their own healthcare and remove the environmental factors that could be making them ill. We have put steps in place that allow people to test for the existence of mold, the level of mold toxicity, the type of mold, the origins of mold in their home and the reasons for its growth. We promote the use of non-toxic, natural products for mold and mildew removal and we encourage bio-balancing in the home to restore it to a clean, clear and stable environment.

As with anything else, however, maintenance is the key to ultimate success. It’s important to do all that you need to do to achieve the best of health and remove mold from the home, as well as from your body; but it’s equally important to continue using natural products going forward in order to maintain a healthy and stable environment.

We encourage homeowners to replace their current, often chemically-based products with products that are non-toxic and botanically-based. These cleaning and maintenance products will go a long way towards safeguarding the integrity of your home and your own personal health going forward.

At CitriSafe we have let research lead the way in showing us what we only guessed was true – that there is a common source of some of the most common illnesses experienced by many of us. There is something to explain why, over time, you have only managed to get sicker and show little response to even multiple drug treatments. What can you do to take control of our environment and make sure that you limit your exposure to chemicals and bio-toxins as much as possible? You can start by making sure that your homes are clean and free of mold and other contaminants and that it remains that way – your own clean and clear harbor in the storm, where your health is supported rather than challenged.


  1. Order a Mold Test Kit.
  2. Test and send into ImmunoLytics Lab to learn mold types and count.
  3. Check the pharmacist consult box on your mold test form.
  4. A pharmacist/environmental specialist will help you understand your report and answer your questions.
  5. If you have visible mold or your mold count is high or if you have certain types of mold, order the following:
Mold Solution – Spray on any visible mold, clean countertops, showers and floors. Spray the air. Many people purchase a Wagner Power Paint Sprayer in order to spray a very fine mist through the entire house.

Treatment Candle – this can be moved from room to room treating each room for approximately 3 hours until all the rooms have been bio-balanced.

Maintenance Candle – can be used an hour or more each day in rooms where you spend a lot of time.

CitriSafe Botanical Dispenser and Refill – place these in rooms where you spend a lot of time.  Perfect for over the bed or near your favorite chair. This dispenser slowly emits a safe, ordorless concentrate of citrus and vegetable extracts constantly over 4 to 6 weeks.

Laundry Detergent – wash your clothes in CitriSafe Laundry Liquid.

Shower Filter – Filter your shower water so you are no longer subjecting yourself to chlorine gas when you shower.

Personal Ionic Unit – Emits a constant stream of negative ions that attach to viruses, bacteria, cigarette smoke, mold spores and other pollutants, forcing them away from your personal space giving you a clean zone of air to breathe. Use whenever you are in a building that may be contaminated.

Your Guide to Mold Toxins – read this book to obtain a better understanding of how mold affects your life.

Inflammation Free Diet – read this book to obtain an understanding of how what you eat is affecting your health.

We are always available and happy to help you with your treatment plans and needs. Call 303-221-7621.