Doctor Listing

Those who have been exposed to bio-toxins and possess the gene that causes them to have an inflammatory reaction, have likely experienced conditions and symptoms that have caused them to seek medical care. While medical attention is crucial, there still exists the likelihood that the condition(s) will continue to be ongoing until the source of the illness – the trigger – is eradicated. In this case, it requires mold and mildew removal, bio-balancing of your home, office, car and other spaces where you spend time, plus ongoing maintenance to ensure that your environment – as well as your body – is clean and clear of toxins.

In addition to providing testing information/materials, natural mold removal bio-balancing and personal products, CitriSafe also provides a comprehensive listing of area doctors who have a familiarity with the protocols of mold contamination. What does this mean? It means that the following list of doctors understand the importance of a treatment protocol which includes mold removal from the air that you breathe and mold removal from the body. For instance, you can treat a condition caused by mold like chronic sinusitis with nasal irrigation (cleansing of mold from the nose) or migraine treatment to address mold-related headaches, but until you remove the mold from your environment, the cycle will only repeat. The doctors that we have listed have explored the correlation between mold exposure and subsequent – and often chronic – illness; and they believe in purposefully and exactly following the treatment protocol in order to gain long term relief for their patients.

More than anything, these doctors understand the importance of a two-pronged approach to health – treatment of the body and treatment of the space. If you have continued to suffer from chronic conditions that never seem to improve regardless of course after course of medication, it’s time to finally get some answers. Call a recommended doctor who has expertise in mold-related ailments in your area for proper diagnosis and an effective plan for restoring – and maintaining – your health. Proper medical treatment is an important part of taking control of your ongoing health.



Benjamin L. Galyardt, D.C.
Functional Medicine Center
110 W. Harvard School Street
Fort Colllins, CO  80525
Phone:  970-282-1173


Ian Hollaman DC, MSc, IFMCP
Red Tail Wellness Centers
4520 N. Broadway C.
Boulder, CO  80304
Phone:  303-882-8447


Katya I. Meier, MD
Clear Sky Medical
10103 RidgeGate Parkway
Aspen Building, Suite 221
Lone Tree, CO  80124
Phone:  303-790-7860
Board certified family practice with an emphasis on anti-aging medicine specialty focusing on elimination of environment toxins, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, comprehensive nutritional studies, and non-surgical cosmetic enhancement.


Timothy F. Pingree, MD
Integrated Ear Nose & Throat
10099 RidgeGate Parkway
Conifer Building, Suite 230
Lone Tree, CO  80124
Phone:  303-706-1616


Dr. James Schaller
Community Bank Towers
Newgate Center, Suite 305
515 Tamiami Trail, N.
Naples, FL  34103
Phone:  239-263-0133


Don Dennis, MD
Atlanta Center-Ear Nose Throat
3193 Howell Mill Rd Nw Ste 215
Atlanta, GA  30327
Phone: (404) 355-1312


Alane Palmer, ND, CNC
Nancy Lefever, MD
604 Macy Dr.
Roswell, GA 30076
Phone:  (678) 372-2913


Kris Lawler, ND
KL Naturopath LLC
2233 Peachtree Rd. NE, Suite 706, The Astoria
Atlanta, GA 30309
Phone:  (404) 668-2588
Consultant – Food and Environmental Allergies



Tipu Sultan, MD
Environmental Health & Allergy Center
11585 West Florissant Ave.
Florissant, MO  63033
Phone:  314-921-5600


Vivien Newbold M.D.
509 Graham School Rd
Gallipolis, OH 45631
Phone: 740-441-4937


Dale B. Smith, DO 
John H. McGath, MD
Allergy Ear, Nose, & Throat Institute
4920 SW Lee Blvd.
Lawton, OK  73505
Phone:  580-536-8844
Focus on Ears, nose and throat issues, allergies, sinus trouble and environmental issues.  Includes a hearing center and hearing aids plus a cosmetic center with lasers.



Morgan Camp, MD
125B Camino Alto
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Tel: 415-383-9903
Fax: 415-383-9901
Specializes in resolving your health challenges including: Mold Sensitivity; Hormonal Imbalances; Male and Female Sex Hormones; Hypothyroidism; Adrenal Fatigue; IBS; Crohn’s Disease; Ulcerative Colitis; Chronic Infections; Intestinal Parasites; Viral Infections; Vitamin and Nutrient Deficiencies; Chronic Pain.


Eric Gordon, MD
Gordon Medical Associates
3471 Regional Parkway
Santa Rosa, CA  95403
Phone:  707-575-5180
Offers patients an eclectic mixture of alternative and conventional medicine, including nutritional therapy, osteopathic manipulation, and natural hormones.  GMA’s practitioners are known for their management of complex pain and injury problems as well as autoimmune diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, mold, and tick-borne infections such as Lyme disease.


Robert Valente
The Undoctor
1143 Broderick St
San Francisco, CA  94115
Phone:  530-949-9279
Natural Health Consulting, specializing in finding the underlying causes of chronic illnesses. Mold is one of the biggest.  Uses advanced lab tests and natural solutions to bring people back to health.


Julie Helm, NPc, IFMCP
7575 N. Cedar Ave, Suite 104
Fresno, CA 93720
Phone: (559) 840-0779