Helpful Hints For Pet Testing And Treatment

Clean pet
Step 1: Tap Testing for Mold
As part of the CitriSafe Pet Study you will need to perform a tap test before using any of the CitriSafe Pet Products.  Wash and dry your hands thoroughly prior to testing. Remove the lid (larger section) of the agar plate and set on a paper towel with inside surface down to keep it from becoming contaminated. Hold the bottom part of the agar plate so the agar is facing away from your hand.  Wrap your fingers around the plate so the tips of your fingers are just over the edge of the rim (see illustration). You then want to gently tap your pet 5 times with your fingers touching your pet (avoid touching your pet with the agar).  This will force the mold spores into the air and onto the plate.  Keep extra plates in the refrigerator in a sealed baggie until ready to test again after treatments. Replace the lid, place a piece of tape on each side of the plate, label the bottom (date, pet’s name and breed), wrap in tinfoil, place in a box and mail it into ImmunoLytics Lab ~ 5930 Midway Park Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM  87109, Phone:  (505) 217-0339.   You will receive a full-color online report identifying the mold genus and count.  Lab fees are normally $45 to examine 1 plate and $30 for each additional plate.  As part of the study, ImmunoLytics will bill PharmaSource Int’l for your lab fees.

Pet Processing Form: Pre-Test (.doc)

Step 2: Keeping Your Pet Clean
Bathe your pet twice the first month and once or twice each month thereafter with CitriSafe Bio-Balancing Shampoo for Pets.  After shampooing and rinsing thoroughly, re-rinse with mixture of one gallon of water and 4 tablespoons of CitriSafe Pet Solution.  Spray regularly (at least twice a day) with CitriSafe Pet Solution (2 tablespoons of Pet Solution Concentrate into 12 oz of water – green spray bottle is 12 oz).  Mist lightly whenever pet comes in from being outside (minimum of twice a day).  Use CitriSafe Laundry Liquid when washing the Pet’s bed adding 3 tablespoons of Pet Solution Concentrate to the washing machines rinse cycle. Also, spray the pet’s sleeping and resting areas every 1-3 days with CitriSafe Pet Solution.
Step 3: Food Supplements
Add 3 drops of CitriSafe Pet Bio-balancing Drops into 1 gallon of drinking water (use filtered or bottled water – if water is chlorinated, it may cause an increase in fungi in the pet). Use this mixture to fill your pet’s water bowl. Prepare CitriSafe Pet Treat-Mints as directed on package. Use as you would normally use treats.
Step 4: Post-test
After 4 weeks and 2nd bath, retest with 2nd agar plate. Send post-test into the lab at no charge (ImmunoLytics will bill PharmaSource Int’l.)

Pet Processing Form: Post-Test (.doc)