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” By the time I was referred to CitriSafe, I had become bedridden and was getting sicker by the day.  Now, after only a few months of treatment, am healthy and active. I honestly believe that my doctor and the CitriSafe products saved my life…”

” So grateful for Walter and all of his work.  It has saved my life.  I was devastatingly ill from mold.  My kids and husband need me well.  CitriSafe and Walter’s help gave me my life back.”

The CitriSafe Story

In 1994, Walter Hayhurst was overcome with a debilitating sickness and was diagnosed with several comorbid and potentially terminal diseases.  At that time, he did not know that he had a genetic predisposition to mold sensitivity.   As a healthcare professional, pharmacist, and researcher, he was not ready to surrender to his prognosis and began searching for the cause and treatment for his illness. Read More…

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