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Take Control of Your Life When it Comes to Mold Hygiene
Cesar Collado
September 10, 2022

“Mold Hygiene” – 8 Actions You Can Do Consistently That Will Maintain Your Wellness

By Cesar Collado

Like many things in life, cohabitating with ubiquitous fungi for the mold sensitive is a process and not an event. There is no magic wand or miracle cures for mold. “Mold hygiene” encompasses the vigilance required surrounding your environment, diet, hygiene, and medical treatment all have an impact on wellness.

If you are mold sensitive, “Mold Hygiene” is a must.  Not everyone requires mold hygiene; however, it is surprising when one family member can be debilitatingly ill while others are symptom free. This can be the cause of significant misunderstandings about mold sensitivity.  Human genetics can explain why some people are sensitive, while other blood relatives are not sensitive. Previous personal exposures to mold are another explanation. Exposure can occur slowly over a long period of time, or in a single massive exposure. Either way, exceeding your mold-exposure threshold can make one mold sensitive for a lifetime.

The main message is action. Doing something is always better than nothing. Consistently employing actions can have a real impact on your health and mold hygiene. Your body’s immune system and defenses coupled with a Doctor’s care will facilitate detoxification and healing will be the real solution.  Because the impact of mold is so significant on the mind, body, and one’s emotional health, vigilance and mold hygiene will help a mold sensitive persons emotional disposition.

Performing any of these actions can provide significant improvement by simply lowering mold counts in your body, clothes, and home. My hope is to inspire action when hopelessness lethargy may have paralyzed someone suffering from mold sensitivity.

Action 1: Educate Yourself About Mold Hygiene

Since mold illness is not on the radar for traditional western medicine, mold-sick patients often go without an Google search for mold hygiene accurate diagnosis after numerous physician visits and referrals. Mold sensitivity is often a diagnosis of exclusion, and keeping your environment healthy requires personal vigilance and investigation. Simply performing some internet research on your symptoms and on mold sensitivity and illness has an enormous return on the time invested.

Action 2: Rinse Your Sinuses to Remove Mold

Since the vast majority of mold enters the body through the nose, regular removal of mold from your sinuses is the single most important mold hygiene sinus rinsing for mold hygiene action you can do to significantly decrease mold’s impact on your health. The more time mold spores have to colonize inside your nasal cavities, the more suitable the environment becomes for mold to grow. Once inside the body, mold triggers inflammation which creates mucous that feeds mold in the dark, moist environment.


Rinse your sinuses daily with a nasal rinse system.  You can purchase one from a drugstore or purchase the Sinugator. These come with salt packages to eliminate irritation and neutralize the pH of your nasal cavity. Ideally, a twice daily rinse with CitriSafe Agrumax Dietary Supplement with antifungal properties will maintain a significantly lower mold count in your sinuses. Eliminating mold’s ability to live to your body gives it a better chance of leveraging its natural healing properties to limit inflammatory responses and to allow the immune system to clear out the mold on its own.

Action 3: Test Your Home for Mold

Identifying mold in your environment is the first and most important step in making your home a place to healmold testing mold hygiene and recharge vs. a place where symptoms may be worse. Mold test plates and swabs are accurate and inexpensive. They can be purchased from ImmunoLytics. Regardless, visual plates can be purchased for single digit dollars and used immediately, as they require little more than the plates themselves and aluminum foil. These test plates can provide significant information to allow you and your healthcare provider the evidence of mold counts in your indoor environments.  For a fee of $33 per room, you can receive a full lab analysis from ImmunoLytics to identify the mold to aid your physician diagnosis.

Action 4: Clean Your Home for Mold

CitriSafe Remedy products are formulated to remove mold and dust from surfaces and decrease the mold counts in your home, there are other less Remedy products for mold hygiene expensive options to remove mold. Each of these have their limitations in effectiveness, safety, and ease of use. Nonetheless, they are commodity products. Natural household cleaning items such as bleach, ammonia, vinegar, baking soda, Borax, hydrogen peroxide, etc., are used. However, mixing these products can be dangerous.  Regularly cleaning your home specifically for mold will help keep air mold counts down.  In addition, a quality
HEPA vacuum is best to remove mold spores and debris that can be found in dust. These appliances, used regularly, will keep dust levels down and remove the microscopic particles from your floors, furniture, curtains, and other furnishings. Carpets are notorious for harboring mold as they provide shielding, retain moisture, and provide food (padding and adhesives) to maintain mold levels that can then be released into the air when disrupted (daily walking traffic).

Action 5: Eliminate Mold from Clothing and Bedding

Cleaning mold from your clothing and bedding can provide significant relief throughout your day. Mold can, and will, Remedy Laundry Detergent mold hygiene follow you around on your clothing.   When we sleep, our bodies shed skin cells (food) and perspire (moisture), creating an optimal environment for mold to grow on sheets and pillows. A bed can become a place where mold stays close to you while you sleep.  Mold in bedding can cause serious symptoms.  CitriSafe Laundry Detergent is optimal for cleaning all washable items including clothes, linens, towels, dog beds, etc.

Action 6: Continuously Exchange your Indoor Air with Clean Air by Using a HEPA Air Purifier

A HEPA air purifier can filter the air in any room to give your body a chance to employ its remarkable healing ability. Otherwise, a constant assault on your body by mold inhalation while you sleep keeps your immune system overactive and prevents healing. These devices are not inexpensive; however, they can contribute to your increased productivity each day and help prevent full debilitation from mold. CitriSafe Air Maintenance Candles will also reduce mold and mycotoxins in the immediate area when lit for a period of time.

Action 7: Avoid Fungal Growth Promoting Foods

mold hygiene foods

Without drastically changing your diet, you can avoid foods that promote fungal growth throughout the body. Sugar, starchy foods, refined grains, and fermented alcohol all feed fungi in the body. Fungi, including Candida, have a sugar receptor that, when bound to, changes the structure of the microbe making it resistant and promoting the growth of hyphae, or “root like” growths that can penetrate gut and other tissues. A Candida infection can also penetrate the blood brain barrier and impact mood disorders.

Action 8: Fog or Mist Your Indoor Environment With BioBalance HavenFog or HavenMist.

Whether you have a mold problem at home or live in some type of rental situation, fixing the problem may be out of your control, either financially or practically. In these situations, moving to a safe environment is the only surefire way to address the issue immediately.

There are many people for whom this is not an option. For those, HavenFog will remove mold spores from the air and allow you to remove the spores and debris from horizontal surfaces with HEPA vacuuming and/or wet wiping. Havenfog will reach every surface area in the home and furnishings to provide a mid-term mold solution that will last weeks or months. You can also use HavenMist for a shorter-term mold hygiene solution. The mister will aerosolize the HavenMist solution (Or alternatively CitriSafe Mold Solution) into tiny airborne particles that collide with mold spores and are then gravity settled on horizontal surfaces before evaporation of the solution occurs.  It is always recommended to follow HavenMisting with a thorough HEPA Vacuuming and wet-wipe down (see instructions included with each kit).

Haven line up for mold hygiene

Is mold affecting your living space? Visit Immunolytics to learn more. 

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