A Mold Q&A Session with ImmunoLytics
J. La Forte
August 28, 2017

Welcome back to the CitriSafe blog! Let’s talk about Immunolytics.


For those of you that may not be familiar with our story, CitriSafe was created when Walter Hayhurst, our founder and owner, suffered terrible health effects from a serious mold exposure.  A pharmacist with an RPh in pharmacy, Walter created a number of products for his own use to try to regain his health and well-being, then started to share these products with others also struggling with mold-related illness.  While our products offer benefits to those suffering with a variety of ailments, mold and it’s effects on human health continue to be a primary focus of our company.

CitriSafe Safe Room Pak product image, Mold Q&A Session with ImmunoLytics

Image 1: CitriSafe Safe Room Pak

Since many of our clients come to us because they are dealing with ill health effects due to a serious mold exposure in their environment (home, office, and/or school), we strive to help them understand not only the physiological aspect of their issue, but also the environmental aspect.  The maxim “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” definitely applies in this situation!  

If you can avoid an exposure and/or take steps to minimize the potential for an environmentally-triggered health situation, that will always be a more effective investment of time and energy than trying to deal with poor health after the fact.  Since many of us don’t know what steps to take or even what to look for and/or avoid, we often end up on the losing side of the equation where we’re trying to fix both our body and our environment after the fact.


Mold growth in petri dish image, Mold Q&A Session with ImmunoLytics Image 2: Mold growing on a agar-coated petri dish.[/caption]


Let’s talk about Immunolytics. One of the first steps in dealing with a mold exposure is to test your home or office to determine the severity of the exposure and identify which molds you are dealing with. This will properly mitigate the ill effects in both the environment and your body. That’s where ImmunoLytics provides an invaluable service to our clients.   Once a client orders a CitriSafe mold test kit and verifies there is mold present, they are encouraged to ship the plates to ImmunoLytics for analysis by their mycology team**.

The full-color report provided by the lab displays a list of mold genera/genuses with the number of colonies for each one observed on the test plate (i.e. what did they find?), a results interpretation guide (i.e. what do all the numbers mean?), and a description of each mold genus observed along with its characteristics (i.e. why care about this particular mold?).  With this detailed report in hand and our consultation services (free with any product purchase!), our clients are informed and equipped to start dealing with the environmental situation at the root of many of their health issues.

The video we’re sharing today is another excellent resource to inform and equip our clients.  Join the president of ImmunoLytics, JW Biava, as he sits down with friend and former client, Stacey Paxson, to do a Q&A session with her about mold, mold-related health issues, other indoor air pollutants, and strategies for approaching all three of these situations.

Stacey, a master herbalist, business woman, wife, and mother, used ImmunoLytics’ mold analysis service while dealing with a devastating mold problem for her family.  From that experience, she developed a passion for helping and educating others dealing with a similar situation.  During their discussion, she asks JW about a number of key topics related to dealing with mold (and other indoor air quality) problems, including:


  • why we need to deal with it
  • when to deal with it
  • how to deal with it
  • how it impacts human health
  • and more!


This video is well worth the ~20 minute investment of your time, especially if you are currently dealing with mold or other air quality issues in your home, office, or school.



After watching the video, please lets us know which tip or piece of information you found most helpful in the comments section. (Or perhaps you thought of a question that you’d like to ask? We’ll pass it on to JW and share his response in a future blog post.)


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** Note: Professional analysis of the plates by ImmunoLytics incurs an additional cost.  Please see the mold test kit description for details.




  1. Jennifer Winter

    More excellent information! Thank you!

  2. Kathy McAferty

    My daughter Taunya is suffering from headaches feeling flu symptoms for 7 years but just gets worse. The doctors take blood test and says there is nothing wrong although she get worse each year. We haven’t trsted for mold yet but are going to. She lived ina house a few years ago that had black mold so bad they had to move. She had been sick ever since. Just found about this today from a person that had it.

  3. topbrainscience

    We have found ImmunoLytics to be professional, reliable, helpful at every stage, and very cost effective. They are a great company providing a great service. We can’t recommend them highly enough. ImmunoLytics is a great company. Working with them has been an incredible experience. I’ve learned a lot about mold and how to get rid of it through this company. I highly recommend them to all my friends and family.


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