Citri•Nu Acetyl-Glutathione Balm 4oz


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Glutathione Balm Application

Our superior Acetyl-Glutathione Balm in a coconut cream base with nano-technology to increase absorption is a great skin care product. This formulation also is being used on joint, muscle and arthritis pain. It is currently in studies to treat carpal tunnel syndrome and to soothe neuropathy symptoms including numbness, burning, tingling, sensitivity and weakness. We find new uses every day. Let us know how this balm helps you.


TESTIMONIAL: Acetyl-Glutathione is a wonderful treatment for RA. I took Acetyl-Glutathione 100 mg capsules for several years when prescribed by my Otolaryngologist in Denver for extreme sensitivity to mold. However, for a while, I stopped taking the pills.   I was diagnosed with RA in September of 2014.   Inflammation levels were *extremely* high. I resumed taking the 300 mg capsules last year following your recommendation.   Two weeks ago, I was retested and the blood test results were remarkable because all of the tests were negative in all RA categories and inflammation levels were normal. I believe that the Acetyl-Glutathione capsules and balm have helped in lowering the inflammation levels and pain. I highly recommend this product. -TL

CitriSafe Glutathione Fact Sheet (PDF)


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Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 2.0 × 2.0 × 3.0 in

2 reviews for Citri•Nu Acetyl-Glutathione Balm 4oz

  1. Eralyn

    This balm has worked wonders for my low back pain and insect bites so I’m giving it a 5 star. The instant relief was just mind-blowing!

  2. debbie

    I have used this for years. It works to alleviate pain. It has helped with my neck, feet, hands, wrists, spine….. I have lots of pain. I found it effective enough that I have purchased for friends and family with pain issues. They found it to do miracles for them.

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