Citri•Nu Vitamin C Serum with Caffeine 15ml


A highly concentrated Vitamin C serum, this is an essential skin care nutrient with antioxidant and regenerative properties to help fight and repair signs of aging by building collagen and elastin, increasing blood circulation to the skin, and supporting nerve tissues.  Vitamin C, required for the building of collagen and elastin, also increases the natural SPF of skin protecting it from UV damage while lightening dark spots over time (in a more efficient manner than toxic hydroquinone-based products). Every ingredient provides a direct benefit to the skin! There are no unnecessary additives or carriers.

Ingredients: Distilled water, L-Ascorbic acid 20%, rice starch, glycerol caffeine citriate, beta-fructan, beta-glucosamine, amino-guanidine, castor oil methyl glycol, and Hamamelis extract (witch hazel).

Instructions: After washing face with cleanser, apply any toner, then apply 1 to 2 pumps of Vitamin C Serum over the face, neck, and decollete, allowing 2 minutes for adsorption before applying any lotion over the serum.  Apply makeup as desired.  It can also be applied to backs of hands and arms since these show the earliest signs of aging.


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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 0.5 × 0.5 × 1.0 in


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