Mold Test Kit


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Contents: 4 mold test plates, 1 swab, instruction sheets, lab forms, foil envelope, and shipping box.

User Instructions:

Mold Testing Guide

Test 4 rooms with this easy-to-use kit. Set out plates for 1 hour, seal and put in a warm place for 3 to 4 days. Check for mold. Or seal and ship to ImmunoLytics Lab for a full-color report on genus and count. (Lab fees are an additional) Money saving tip: Order 10 extra plates (See Item: Extra Mold Plates). Set aside 4 to 6 plates for testing again later. Use extra plates to perform a do-it-yourself-test in every area you think may have a problem -- your home, office, car, pet, bed, carpet, favorite chair, etc. The more areas you test the better your understanding of your environment and how it may be affecting your health. Grow out the plates and see which areas are the most contaminated. Retest the areas that showed the most contamination with the 4 to 6 saved plates. Send only the retest plates into the ImmunoLytics Lab. Be sure to check the box for a free consultation.



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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6.0 × 4.0 × 6.0 in

2 reviews for Mold Test Kit

  1. Alysha

    Highly recommend these if you think you have mold illness. Use it in your office or home.. even if there’s no visible mold. I also recommend sending in any plates that don’t look like they grew many colonies of mold.. I KNEW we had mold in our bathroom but the plate only showed 4 little spots after a few days.. when I sent in the plate anyway the colony count came back as TNTC (too numerous to count) so definitely don’t skip sending in plates that don’t seem to have a lot of mold showing up.

    Our landlord had a mold remediation company come in and they basically told us our air was clean and there was no problem .. despite visual mold in the apartment. Don’t trust random companies.. this test is an inexpensive way to get quick results.

    I compared results of my real-time mycotoxin test with my plate tests and the mold in the rooms I spent the most time in matched up perfectly with what my highest mycotoxin counts showed up as.

    Definitely a great less expensive test kit.

  2. Inga

    i use these all the time. There are fancier tests for a lot of money, but these are so quick and easy that you can collect a lot of data with them.
    Citrus safe has just individual petri dishes for sale as well .

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