Remedy Laundry Liquid Detergent 32 oz


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All Natural Mold Fighting Laundry Detergent Super-Concentrated

Remedy Laundry Liquid Detergent is specifically formulated to be used on washable clothes contaminated by mold. This environmental-friendly, super-concentrated laundry liquid delivers optimum cleaning power with just 1/8 cup per load. Each bottle will treat and clean 32 loads. It is well-suited for hot and cold cycles in traditional washers, front loading washers, and high efficiency washers.

  • A replacement for “Grocery Store” detergents in the “Main Wash Liquid Detergent Spray” reservoir tray.
  • Contains “Food Grade” natural botanicals that known for their antimicrobial properties as opposed to toxic chemicals.
  • Botanicals are combined with anionic and cationic “soapy” surfactants that rinse away bacteria and mold spores from clothes, linens and towels.  The surfactant creates sud soap that can penetrate the larger fibers as well as the smaller fibers used to make the strands of yarn.  The suds encapsulate the mold and escorts it out during the spin cycles.  This mechanism optimizes the physical agitation and spin cycle of washing machines during both cleaning cycles. 
  • Effective in removing musty and putrid odors from clothing and towels
  • Free from harmful chemicals - No chlorine, ammonia, or phosphates
  • Helps to maintain a mold and bacteria-free washing machine

Benefits of using Remedy Laundry Liquid Detergent:

  • Avoid carrying mold with you by carrying mold in your clothing wherever you go.  
  • Avoid sleeping in moldy sheets and pillowcases can cause poor sleep quality.  The body sheds skin cells daily.  When combined with perspiration can grow mold.   
  • Fabric softeners with fragrances are designed to mask odors. 
  • Helps maintain a mold-free washing machine.  Cleans washer with each load.

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6 reviews for Remedy Laundry Liquid Detergent 32 oz

  1. Donna Calabrese

    Surprisingly highly effective!
    Love it!

  2. Cece

    I am very happy with this laundry soap and very grateful to Walter and his kindness. He spoke to me at length about mold. We compared issues and it was very helpful.
    Recently, my husband used a front loading washing machine in a temporary rental condo. Only on towels and 2 pants. I was so sick for about 2 weeks and decided it was the towels from the washer!! I re-showered with vinegar and organic bar soap. There were no ‘safe’ towels so I used a sheet from home to dry off with and felt instantly better. I was poisoning myself with mold spores from the washing machine, all day, every day. I just reordered more Citrisafe Laundry Soap.

  3. Arko Dweller

    I had been using the EC 3 brand additive which I liked but felt it always competed with what’re detergent I happened to be using.
    I absolutely LOVE this product because it is an actual detergent and not a mere additive. I love the deep clean and fresh light citrus it leaves on my clothes.

  4. Joni

    I cannot say enough good about this product! I’ve been using it for several months now and the clean smell(which smells like nothing) is really amazing. The clothes feel truly clean and our symptoms are improving drastically just going by the recommended protocols. A great bonus too is that our once disgusting moldy front loading washer is clean and happy as well!

  5. Steve Popoovich

    I have been using this product consistently for three years, and it is by far the best I have found to reduce my reactivity to moldy clothes. Clothes just feel, smell, and are less moldy. I also continue to use Borax in wash cycle and either ammonia or vinegar in rinse cycle, although when using this product I have found those to be unnecessary in addition to the product. I also swear by the body wash, having used religiously it for 3 years, it truly does make a large difference. Steve in Pueblo West CO.

  6. Melanie

    I decided to give this brand a try instead of the ec3 brand. I can’t compare the 2 but I can highly recommend the laundry additive and the concentrate. I honestly didn’t think my clothing was an issue but used as a precaution to prevent cross contamination. I was sitting by a hamper full of clean clothing and my symptoms flared. I moved them away and my symptoms calmed down. I then washed all our clothing with the laundry additive and no more issues. I see no reason to try another brand as this one works. Plus a tad cheaper.

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