Clean Mold from Your Skin and Hair

What You’ll Need

Remedy Shampoo & Body Wash

Why Remedy

Exposed to Mold? It’s Likely on Your Hair and Skin

When you’re exposed to mold in your home or work, it not only collects on your surfaces and clothes, but it also gets on your skin and hair. Just like breathing in mold, the mold on your skin and hair can affect you negatively. If left untreated it can contaminate your other clothes, furniture, and bedding. Remedy Shampoo & Body Wash reduces mold, yeast, and bacteria for hair and skin using the same natural botanical formula we use in our environmental mold cleaning products. 

The Chemically Sensitive Need a Natural Solution

The great majority of shampoos and bodywashes on the market today include chemical fragrances that can trigger illness for people that are chemically sensitive. Remedy Shampoo & Body Wash on the other hand, is a natural botanical formula that cleans as well as other shampoos and bodywashes without the fragrances and harsh chemicals.

Remedy Naturally Cleans & Removes Mold

We formulated our Remedy products using natural botanicals with antimicrobial properties, as opposed to toxic chemicals. They are combined with anionic and cationic “soapy” surfactants that attract mold and soil, encapsulate them in micelles, and escort the mold out during rinsing. With Remedy you can keep your body clean and free of mold.

Remedy molecules attract mold and soil.

Captures them while washing.

Carries them away with rinsing.

CitriSafe Advantage

A Shampoo & Body Wash That Does More With Less

Removes Mold & Cleans Your Body

Remedy Shampoo & Body Wash isn’t simply a solution for mold— it cleans just as well as your current commercial hygiene products.

Proven and Proprietary Citrus Seed Formula

The same natural botanical formula we use in our environmental mold cleaning products, balanced for personal use. 

Fragrance Free and 
No Harsh Chemicals

Remedy uses no chemical fragrances and is safe for use for even the most chemically sensitive.

User Instructions

Hair & Body Application

For Body

Wet your skin in the bath or shower. Squeeze the body wash onto a loofah or washcloth and lightly scrub skin until a lather forms. Let set for one minute. Rinse completely. Repeat if desired.

For Hair

Wet hair thoroughly. Massage a generous amount throughout the hair and scalp. Let set for one minute. Rinse completely. Repeat if desired.
User Instructions

How-To Make Hand Soap

Remedy Shampoo & Body Wash can also be used as an anti-microbial, natural hand soap with no harsh chemicals. Simply dilute with water and use a hand soap dispenser.

Traditional Dispenser

Fill dispenser with 75% Shampoo & Body Wash and 25% water.

Foaming Dispenser

Fill dispenser with 25% Shampoo & Body Wash and 75% water.