Test & Treat
Vehicles for Mold

What You’ll Need

Remedy Mold Treatment Spray

ImmunoLytics Mold Test Kit

Why Remedy

Yes, Your Vehicle Might Have Mold…

The carpet in your car is organic and holds large amounts of dust, both of which are food for mold, yeast, and bacteria. Additionally, carpet absorbs and retains moisture and is difficult to dry. Rain can leak into the car through windows, sunroofs, convertible tops, or even just tracking in wet shoes. If the carpet is not properly dried it can create an environment for mold, yeast, and bacteria to grow. A square inch of carpet may hold over 200,000 bacteria. That is 4,000 times more than your toilet. Moisture can condense in cooling and heating vents also causing mold, yeast, and bacteria growth and potentially releasing spores into the air.

Mold in Your Car Can Spread and Make You Sick

If your car has mold, it will likely spread to your clothes and into your home, creating a larger problem and requiring even more remediation. If mold is left untreated, it could expose your health and lead to sickness. The appearance of carpet can be deceiving even with high levels of mold, yeast, and bacteria, however, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Sometimes the bacteria causes musty odors that can give away its presence. If you can smell it, it’s in your blood. Whatever you breathe enters your body, including the toxins released by mold sources. Elevated concentrations of mold spores have been known to produce autoimmune reactions and many other health symptoms, including chemical sensitivities.

Remedy Naturally Cleans & Removes Mold

We formulated our Remedy products using natural botanicals with antimicrobial properties, as opposed to toxic chemicals. They are combined with anionic and cationic “soapy” surfactants that attract mold and soil, encapsulate them in micelles, and escort the mold out during rinsing. With Remedy you can keep your car clean and free of mold without the harsh chemicals of most vehicle or carpet cleaning products.

Remedy molecules attract mold and soil.

Captures them while washing.

Carries them away with rinsing.

CitriSafe Advantage

Remedy™ Removes Mold and Is Safe for the Chemically Sensitive

Remove Mold & Cleans Your Car

Remedy isn’t simply a solution for mold— it cleans just as well as your current commercial cleaners.

Compatible With Any Carpet Cleaner

Remedy is compatible with any carpet cleaning machine. 

Natural Botanicals, No Toxic Chemicals

Our formula is made from natural botanicals with antimicrobial properties and has no toxic chemicals, making it the safe choice for the chemically sensitive.

User Instructions

Find Out If Your Vehicle Has Mold

Find out if your vehicle is contaminated by mold with a gravity plate test. Keep extra plates in the refrigerator until ready to test again after treatments. When testing a vehicle, keep windows and doors closed during the entire process, other than entering and exiting the vehicle. After testing, replace the lid, place a piece of tape on each side of the plate, label the bottom (date, vehicle make), wrap in tinfoil, and put in a warm spot for 5-7 days. If the plate(s) shows mold growth, you can send it to ImmunoLytics for a comprehensive Lab Analysis and consultation for a small fee.

Place Plate on Car Seat

Remove the mold plate lid and place a plate on a paper towel on the front passenger’s seat or center console.

Run Fans For 30 Minutes

Turn on your engine and let the air-conditioner or heater blow for 30 minutes on re-circulate (Max). Turn off the car and let the plate sit for another 30 minutes.

Get Analysis:

Send plates to: ImmunoLytics, 5930 Midway Park Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109

User Instructions

Treat and Clean Your Vehicle for Mold

Follow this step-by-step guide two times in the first week and then monthly to maintain low mold, yeast, and bacteria levels.

Run Fans For 10 Minutes

Turn your vehicle’s temperature control fan on high and turn off the
re-circulation of the temperature control system. Allow vents to circulate outside air into the car for 1-2 minutes.

Wipe Intake Vents

Pass a microfiber towel, rag or paper towel over the outside air intake at the base of the windshield wipers.


Spray Intake Vents

Identify spots where the vents suck in the most air by passing a tissue over the vents. Spray a large amount of Remedy Mold Treatment Spray in those spots.


Run Fans Again

Leave the doors closed and the fan on for 10 minutes.

Spray Inside With Remedy

Spray the entire inside of the car including vents, headliner, seats, carpeting, and the trunk. Let the inside air-dry.

Test For Mold

Perform a one-hour mold test with gravity plates to determine effectiveness of the treatment.