Help Reduce Bacteria and Fungus, nearly anywhere… with Agrumax.
Team CitriSafe
August 26, 2021

Bacteria and Fungus can be anywhere. Good thing Agrumax can help battle it anywhere too.

One of our best sellers at CitriSafe is the incredibly versatile supplement Citri•Rx Agrumax. At is core, it helps reduce the growth of bacteria, fungus, and mold (read more about mold here:, naturally with a formulation of grapefruit and other citrus seed extracts, having no known toxicity or side effects.

Because of its natural formulation, you can use it safely almost anywhere, including as an aid with chronic sinusitis treatment, and as a dietary supplement to support immune system function to fight off colds, flu, sore throat, yeast infections, parasites, and more. Did I mention cleaning sinuses for mold? For example, you can use Agrumax to help…

Your Insides

Helps to deal with internal systemic mold, yeast (candida), and bacteria issues.

Mouth and Teeth

Helps address tooth and gum infections.


Can aid insect bites, acne, athlete’s foot, and warts.

Fruit, Veggies & Meats

Helps to deal with E.coli, Salmonella, and parasites

Household Surfaces

Helps clean bacteria and fungus on surfaces.

Get the full scoop on Agrumax

To see these and more ways to use the incredibly versatile Agrumax, we have created a protocol with step-by-step directions. 


  1. Toni Johnson

    I got 2 laundry bins with Moldy smell-help

    • Cesar Collado

      You can clean your washer with CitriSafe mold solution. Also, using CitriSafe Laundry Detergent will keep the washing machine clean and odorless over time.


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