Remedy: Getting Mold Out of Your Laundry and Washer
Team CitriSafe
December 27, 2021

Say goodbye to mold! Removing mold from clothes.

The laundry room should be a monument to clean: a spotless warm towel fresh out of the dryer, and your jeans emerging without a trace of last night’s green-chile-enchilada stains. But clean-looking clothes doesn’t necessarily mean they are free from mold.

Mold in the laundry is particularly sneaky. To understand mold, read here: It can survive through a wash, and mold can thrive in your washer – and it is because of these reasons that we created the CitriSafe Remedy Laundry Liquid.

We made Remedy Laundry Liquid to do what most detergents can’t: deal with mold in your clothes and washer. 

The secret weapon against mold: surfactants

Remedy Liquid Laundry Liquid helps you in removing mold from your clothes, with specially formulated surfactants. Surfactants are components that reduce the surface tension in liquids and gather mold and soil so they can be escorted out of your clothes. This makes Remedy a natural fit for those who are mold sensitive and also for those who are exposed to mold daily, like Mold Remediators. 

Surfactants are amazing components that capture mold and soil and carry them away from your clothes.

A sweet-smelling bonus: a clean washer

You know the musty smell in your washing machine?  If you have a front-loading machine, you know that smell well. If you know that smell, you also know that regular laundry detergent doesn’t make it go away. That is where Remedy Laundry Liquid is different. In the same way it helps take mold from your clothes, it also helps sweep mold away from the inside of your washer. So just like your clothes, it makes your washer clean.

The moisture inside the washing machine can get trapped in hard-to-reach places – seals, gaskets, and dispensers – and can easily become a great place for mold to grow.

Get the Low Down on Remedy Laundry Detergent.

To help you know the ins and outs of Remedy Laundry Liquid and how to use it, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to Removing Mold From Clothes and Laundry. You’ll learn more about surfactants and learn how to use the non-toxic detergent to get your clothes fresh, clean, and free of mold here: How to Use Remedy Laundry Liquid Detergent.

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  1. Paul Ramsek

    I read that the washer needs to be stopped after agitation for at least 1 hour. I will have to ask the commercial laundry establishment will want to have mold remediation.
    Are there suggestions on how many ounces to use in the wash and what would the difference be between using a top loader and side loader and the size of the side loader washers (how many ounces)?
    Thanks for researching and getting back to me on this I might have helped in promoting the product and would like to be connected with someone on being a possible affiliate.
    I am very sensitive to mold and chemicals (petroleum based).


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