Remedy Mold Treatment Wipes… Effective, Simple, & Fast
Team CitriSafe
April 20, 2021

Tackling Mold and Toxins is Now Just a Wipe Away.

Remedy™ Multi-purpose Mold Treatment Wipes are ready-to-use natural remedy for cleaning and shielding surfaces from mold, yeast, and bacteria. These eco-friendly, disposable cloth wipes are saturated with Remedy™ Mold Treatment Solution, are safe for the chemically sensitive, and for treating any water-safe, hard or soft surface. Designed to be a fast and convenient solution for maintaining your environment, simply wipe any surface to be treated. Use enough disposable cloth wipes for treated surface to remain visibly wet for at least one minute and let the surface dry.

Use our Disposable Mold Wipes throughout your home or office:

Laundry Room

Keep Remedy Mold Treatment Wipes next to your washing machine to wipe down your front loading washers door seal where mold can thrive. Wipe down laundry baskets and counters to keep mold from growing.


With routine humidity and moisture, bathrooms are places that mold, candida, and bacteria can thrive. Keep Remedy Mold Treatment Wipes handy to wipe down commonly used surfaces like door handles, sink fixtures, toilets handles and seats, and light switches.

Cars, Trucks & RVs

Many items in our cars are shared and touched by different family members. Ensure  steering wheels, shifters, touch displays, nobs and buttons free of mold and toxins by keeping Remedy Mold Treatment Wipes in the garage or in your vehicles.


The most popular place in your home is also the most touched, use Remedy Mold Treatment Wipes on refrigerator handles, high chairs, trash can lids, disposals and soap dishes.

People & Pets

Remedy Mold Treatment Wipes are completely non-toxic and can be used to cleanse hands, paws, and pet fur. Find out if your pet has mold: My Pet Might Have Mold.

The effective, simple, and fast Remedy Mold Treatment Wipes are available now.


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