Road trip? Make it mold free.
Team CitriSafe
June 8, 2021

Road Trips are a great American tradition. We look forward to spending time together with good friends or family, or we approach it with dread as we hear the oft-repeated “are we there yet” from the back seat. Whatever your expectation, road trips will mean hours, or even days together in the car, and you’ll want to ensure everyone is not breathing mold, yeast, or bacteria for the extended journey. Read on for some mold solution for traveling.

Mold in My Cruiser? Really?

You might be surprised that mold has ample opportunities to grow in your vehicle — from that spilled soda on carpet that you couldn’t clean up on the run, to rain coming in from the window that just doesn’t seal— mold, yeast, and bacteria can thrive in your car. Once it is in your car, elevated mold levels can make you and your passengers sick.

The ABC’s for Hitting the Open Road, Mold Free

Depending on how soon your road trip is coming up, we have created several options for testing and treatment. 

Option A — No Testing, Just Treatment

1 day, starting at $21

If you suspect the possibility of mold in your car and your trip is quickly approaching, your best approach is to treat your car with Remedy Multi-Purpose Mold Treatment Spray. This involves treating the air intake as well as inside your vehicle. First, run the fan for few minutes, then wipe intake vents, followed by spraying a generous amount of Remedy spray on those vents. Finish up by running your fans again. Inside your vehicle, spray Remedy on the vents, headliner, seats, carpeting, and trunk.



Option B — Test First, Then Treat

5-7 days, starting at $39

 If you have a bit more time, you should consider testing your vehicle first to determine where and how much you need to treat with a CitriSafe Mold Testing Kit. Testing involves placing a mold plate on a console or passenger seat while you run the fans for 30 minutes. Then you’ll wrap the exposed plate in aluminum foil and check it after 5-7 days for any mold growth. If you find mold growth, treat the areas with Remedy Multi-Purpose Mold Treatment Spray.



Option C — Test, Treat and Retest

10-14 days, starting at $39

To ensure your vehicle is mold free, you’ll want to test, treat, then test again to ensure your treatment was effective. Start with a CitriSafe Mold Testing Kit, waiting 5-7 days to see if mold appears on your testing plates. Then as needed treat your vehicle with Remedy Multi-Purpose Mold Treatment Spray. After treatment, test again with another plate from the Mold Test Kit, and then repeat any treatment as needed.



In-Depth Details

Ensuring your next road trip is free from mold is easy and affordable with testing and treatment solutions from CitriSafe. We have also created an in-depth mold testing and treatment for your vehicle which includes additional tips and information. As always, please contact us via email, or by phone and we will be happy to answer any question you may have. 

User Instructions

Find Out If Your Vehicle Has Mold

Find out if your vehicle is contaminated by mold with a gravity plate test. Keep extra plates in the refrigerator until ready to test again after treatments. When testing a vehicle, keep windows and doors closed during the entire process, other than entering and exiting the vehicle. After testing, replace the lid, place a piece of tape on each side of the plate, label the bottom (date, vehicle make), wrap in tinfoil, and put in a warm spot for 5-7 days. If the plate(s) shows mold growth, you can send it to ImmunoLytics for a comprehensive Lab Analysis and consultation for a small fee.

Place Plate on Car Seat

Remove the mold plate lid and place a plate on a paper towel on the front passenger’s seat or center console.

Run Fans For 30 Minutes

Turn on your engine and let the air-conditioner or heater blow for 30 minutes on re-circulate (Max). Turn off the car and let the plate sit for another 30 minutes.

Get Analysis:
Send plates to: ImmunoLytics, 5930 Midway Park Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109

User Instructions

Treat and Clean Your Vehicle for Mold

Follow this step-by-step guide two times in the first week and then monthly to maintain low mold, yeast, and bacteria levels.

Run Fans For 10 Minutes

Turn your vehicle’s temperature control fan on high and turn off the
re-circulation of the temperature control system. Allow vents to circulate outside air into the car for 1-2 minutes.

Wipe Intake Vents

Pass a microfiber towel, rag or paper towel over the outside air intake at the base of the windshield wipers.


Spray Intake Vents

Identify spots where the vents suck in the most air by passing a tissue over the vents. Spray a large amount of Remedy Mold Treatment Spray in those spots.


Run Fans Again

Leave the doors closed and the fan on for 10 minutes.

Spray Inside With Remedy

Spray the entire inside of the car including vents, headliner, seats, carpeting, and the trunk. Let the inside air-dry.

Test For Mold

Perform a one-hour mold test with gravity plates to determine effectiveness of the treatment.


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