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What is the difference between CitriSafe and Microbalance Health Products?

Microbalance was founded around 2010 by a former CitriSafe associate using one of the early formulations of our mold solution. CitriSafe has since tested numerous formulations. Today, CitriSafe products are made using the most effective, optimized formulations.  Each product contains specific citrus seek extract blends, with the highest quality ingredients. Citrisafe products also contain the best gentle surfactants to remove mold spores and stains from porous and nonporous surfaces.


Do we ship out of the country?

Due to an excessive number of lost overseas shipments, CitriSafe does not currently offer shipping outside of the US, except for Canada. However, please feel free to contact us via email or phone if you would like to place an order and arrange your own shipping from our facility.

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Are our products gluten free?

Yes, all CitriSafe products are gluten free.

Do our products disinfect as well as treat mold spores?

The CitriSafe Botanical Blend used in our products have demonstrated efficacy against mold, yeast, and bacteria. This CitriSafe Blend is on the process of obtaining an EPA Registration. CitriSafe’s blend has been designated by the EPA as a bio pesticide. Bio pesticides are believed to be safer than chemical pesticides that are toxic to humans. The EPA pesticide registration process is ongoing.

If we don’t have a microwave for the Nasal Apothekit to heat the solution up what else can we use?

You are welcome to use any heating process to raise the water temperature. Although microwaves can be convenient, they are certainly not required.

Why does the candle burn so fast?

Our candles were designed to burn quickly to decrease the amount of time needed to treat your home, with a standard sized bedroom only requiring 2 hours of burn time. Additionally, we have found this configuration to be the most effective for using the entire candle with very little waste.

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What can you use with the laundry liquid to get rid of mildew smells?

Although the liquid laundry detergent was formulated to be a stand-alone cleaning solution for mold-exposed laundry, it can be combined with other commercial detergents to achieve your desired results. Please note that not all clothing can be saved. If mold was actively growing (visibly) on a clothing item, it should be disposed of. Additionally, if after a couple of washings with the CitriSafe Laundry Detergent you find that a particular item of clothing continues to set off your sensitivities, it should also be disposed of.

Can you use the mold solution concentrate to wash clothing besides the laundry liquid and what is the difference between the two?

Yes, the mold solution can be used as a laundry additive to further boost our Laundry Liquid, or as an addition to your chosen detergent. We recommend one ounce of Mold Solution per normal sized laundry load. Increase the amount for larger loads. Additional benefit may be found by allowing the laundry to soak in the detergent solution for one hour prior to completing the laundry cycle.

Are the skin care products to treat mold on the face?

The Citri•Nu line of skin care products was formulated for those with chemical sensitivities to improve and maintain skin health and appearance without the use of any harsh chemicals. Although these products use our CitriSafe Blend as a natural preservative, they are not intended to treat mold on the skin.

Will a candle treat the room for mold spores (as in get rid of mold spores completely) if the source is unknown?

The CitriSafe products are designed to help with the treatment of any mold that they come into contact with. However, if there are mold sources in inaccessible areas (e.g. – behind walls, ceilings, cabinetry) they will only treat the areas that the products reach. Additionally, small particle cleanup (i.e. – thorough vacuuming, wet wiping, dusting) is always recommended to remove mold fragments and structures. BioBalance has a great small particle cleanup guide that can be accessed here.