The CitriSafe Story: Learn About the Path Followed Toward the Innovations That Led to CitriSafe Products.
John W.
November 20, 2019

CitriSafe provides all natural, safe mold products to help mold patients treat their home and bodies without toxic chemicals

By Cesar Collado

Discovery of Citrisafe’s Blend

Walter Hayhurst R. Ph. became a very successful pharmaceutical science and formulation expert and businessman when he founded the Professional Compound Centers of America (PCCA) in 1981.  What started as a small group of independent pharmacists has grown to over 4000 members strong with annual revenues of over $40 M.  Walter personally trained thousands of pharmacists in the field of formulation of custom pharmaceuticals and delivery for patients. The company effectively sourced hard to find pharmaceutical active compounds and natural products that allowed pharmacists to leverage formulation, pharmacology, and chemistry expertise to develop custom medicines. Existing marketed dosages and formulations often do not fit the patient needs. PCCA has since developed over 9500 proprietary medicines that compound pharmacists formulate for individual patients.  He retired from PCCA in 1992 to focus on a new challenge, cancer research. Read on to find out his discovery of Citrisafe’s blend.

In 1994, Walter Hayhurst was overcome with a debilitating sickness and was diagnosed with several comorbid and potentially terminal diseases.  At that time, he did not know that he had a genetic predisposition to mold sensitivity.   As a healthcare professional, pharmacist, and researcher, he was not ready to surrender to his prognosis and began searching for the cause and treatment for his illness.

Because of his disease, he turned to a compound pharmacist friend that he trained in Atlanta, GA. The pharmacist introduced him to a physician in Atlanta, GA who treated mold patients.  Over time with the aid of the physician, he began to overcome many of the debilitating symptoms of his illnesses.  As a result, he collaborated with his physician and compound pharmacist colleagues to identify and formulate products to address moldy environments, mold symptoms, and chemical sensitivity using all natural, safe ingredients.

The desire was to have all natural and safe ingredients that would not impact chemical sensitivities that are all too common with mold patients.  Luckily, Walter had previously investigated the potential anti-fungal activity of  grapefruit seeds and began developing formulations of various combinations of citrus seed extracts.  He tested thousands of formulations with the help of compound pharmacists around the country and PCCA collaborators and his laboratory.

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His process was labor intensive and thorough. He had a moldy room he used as a control and diligently tested thousands of formulations using tens of thousands of petri dish mold tests.  He was vigilant through many failures during the trial and error process to find the right combination of safe botanicals.

He began commercially selling CitriSafe products in 2004.  Since then, CitriSafe has provided all natural, safe mold products to help mold patients treat their home and bodies without toxic chemicals.  CitriSafe has evolved to become a research and development organization that formulates additional unique products for the environment and supplements for detoxification. Recognizing the limitations of physicians in diagnosing mold illness, CitriSafe’s mission is to empower customers with the knowledge and information they need to take charge of their health, and their family’s health, while dealing with the devastating effects of mold-related illnesses.

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Since then, Walter utilizes CitriSafe products for himself and his wife on a daily basis.  His wife has also suffered from debilitating mold illness.

Walter has overcome illnesses he believed would have killed him without CitriSafe products.  He has developed a protocol and portfolio of products for mold sick patients to find relief.  Today, Walter still participates with CitriSafe and other mold illness focused companies as an adviser on research, patient engagement, and consultation on new products and formulations. All these years later, his discovery of Citrisafe’s blend has positively affected the lives of thousands of individuals, with many more on the horizon. 


  1. Jenny

    So grateful for Walter and all his work. It has saved my life. I was devastatingly ill from mold, My kids and husband need me well. Citrisafe and Walter’s help gave me my life back.

  2. Laura

    My doctor who treats me for Lyme disease also tested me for mold exposure and advised me to test our house. I never saw evidence of mold so I had no expectation of positive results. However, the test results from the Immunolytics Lab showed significant and toxic levels of mold in our most used living spaces, and those results correlated with the same types of mold that my tests showed were in my system. Walter said our test results were alarming but that we could eradicate the mold naturally with his products and BioBalanceNow. He was right! We were able to reduce the mold levels in our house to a safe range, and my partner and I are both feeling better physically and mentally. Thank you, Walter!


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