“These people products have made a significant impact on my health and life. I am so grateful.”

My name is Alex and I was diagnosed with MS in 2010 at the age of 27. I was told that due to the significant damage in my brain and spinal cord, I may not survive for more than 3 to 5 years. I was connected with Walter and introduced to Citrisafe. Walter helped us clean up our environment by teaching us how to make our home a safe place for me by removing carpet, cardboard, addressing areas of previous water damage, and treating our house for mold. Next I was introduced to Citrisafe’s acetyl glutathione.  After consistently taking this supplement I experienced more energy, less pain and improved cognitive function.  I was also introduced to Citrisafe’s Agramax for treatment of yeast overgrowth. I had tried modifying my diet and had used multiple antifungals with little success. After taking Agramax I noticed improvement in the fungus on my heals and felt better overall. I also take Citrisafe’s beet juice powder as an antioxidant.  I just started taking Eater’s Digest and noticed a significant improvement in my digestive system. My stomach pain improved drastically and have noticed that I have more energy even when I do not get much rest.  My complexion also cleared up and I feel much better overall. These people products have made a significant impact on my health and life. I am so grateful.

Healthy CitriSafe Client


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