August 29-30, 2020 • Free & Online

The Latest Tools, Technology, and Treatments for Mold Toxicity.

The Toxic Mold Summit health experts and air quality / remediation specialists will help you identify exposure, set a course for treatment (for consumers and practitioners), and deliver the latest knowledge, tools, and techniques for dealing with toxic mold. Begin your path to better health today.

We’re Proud to Present the Toxic Mold Summit Encore Weekend

Talks From Jeff Bookout & JW Biava

Tune in to learn more from leaders of our company about the remediation process and mold testing.

Early-Access Bonus Gifts

Get instant access to interviews, complimentary guides, and helpful eBooks.

10% Off A Mold Test Kit and Free Poster

We are partnering with the mold test laboratory, ImmunoLytics, and are happy to offer attendees of the Toxic Mold Summit, 10% off a gravity plate mold test kit and a copy of their new poster “Mold and Your Health.” Discount code and poster download are available on The Summit website throughout the event. 

Join CitriSafe and Other Experts for the Latest in Mold and Health.

Encore Weekend • August 29-30, 2020 • Online & Free